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Public Company

A public Limited Company is a type of company where it is deemed as one of the most trusted sector of registered companies. Public Limited Registration is suitable for medium to large scale of businesses. A PLC is incorporated under the Provisions of company Act of 2013.The criteria is that there must be a minimum of 7 shareholders and 3 directors present at the time of incorporation of the company. The Directors and Shareholders should be same person in sense they must be taking part in dual role in the company.

The primary reason for going with Public Limited company registration is that it provides limited liability for the shareholders, which means that that are only responsible for the unpaid portion of their shares and treats them as separate entity hence is safer in nature for the other shareholders and the company’s existence.

The loan procedure for Public limited companies are easier as the Bank gives the at most importance in terms of trust in public limited companies. The shares can be exchanged in terms of stocks in public point of view. They are easily transferable between the members.

At Unilex Consultants we provide you a hassle free registration process which would be dealt by our professionals within a time frame of 12-15 days and is subjective to governmental processing time. Our team takes care of the documentation and aids in provide you the realistic estimation of cost.

Advantages of Public company registration



Legal protection and a limited liability to the shareholders are the main reason why business registration seek online company registration route.



pvt ltd company registration would exist in succession fashion as the governmental body treats it as a separate entity in terms of law.



As a result of getting displayed on stock market people will be able to easily and quickly recognize the brand or name of the company. The more brand recognition and capital a company has, the more business and it will have.



The most obvious advantage of being a public limited company is the ability to raise share capital from the public for growth and diversification, particularly where the company is listed on a recognized exchange.



Unlike normal Partnership firms, LLP firms, company registration more recognition as they are regulated in company point of view by law.



The written agreements are legally enforceable meaning they are valid as long as they go by Contract Act of Indian Government under Partnership Act of 1932.

Documentation for public company


Passport size Photograph


Copy of PAN Card


Copy of Electricity Bil


Sale Deed (if owned)


Copy of Aadhar Card


Address Proof (Bank Statement/Mobile/Telephone Bill)


Copy of rent agreement (if rented)






Process involved in registering a Public Limited Company Registration



Getting sorted with Director identification number and Digital signature

1-2 working days



Applying for the name

3-4 working days



Filling for the incorporation

3-5 working days

Requirements for public company formation

    - DIN and DSC of all the Directors
    - Minimum 3 Directors.
    - Minimum 7 shareholders.
    - At-least one Indian resident Director out of three.
    - Registered office address in India.
    - some amount of capital for starting your company.
Sl. No. Particulars Private Limited Public Limited
1 Minimum Paid Up Capital No minimum criteria No minimum criteria
2 Transfer of Shares Restricted Freely
3 Compliances Moderate High
4 Listing Cannot be listed on a stock exchange & is held privately by the members. Can be listed on recognized stock exchange and trade publicly.
5 Subscriber Shares Has no right to invite public for subscription. Can invite the general public for subscribing shares of the company.
6 Managerial remuneration Cannot Exceed more than 11% of Net profits. No restriction
7 Minimum Requirement Director-Three Shareholder/Members- Two *Directors and Shareholders can be the Same person. Director-Three Shareholder/Members- Seven *Directors and Shareholders can be the Same person.
8 Credibility Moderate High
Mandatory Compliances of a Public Limited Company every year
Minimum number of board and general meetings as prescribed under the Act
Appointment of Auditor
Statutory audit by a chartered accountant
Annual filings to registrar of companies
Maintaining Minutes and statutory registers
Filing of ITR

FAQs About public company

What is a Public Limited Company?
A Public Limited Company is a Company limited by shares in which there is no restriction on the maximum number of shareholders, transfer of shares and acceptance of public deposits. The liability of each shareholder is limited to the extent of the unpaid amount of the shares face value and the premium thereon in respect of the shares held by him. However, the liability of a Director / Manager of such a Company can at times be unlimited. The minimum number of shareholders is 7.
Minimum requirements of shareholders and directors in public company ?
For kick starting a public limited company, there must be at least 7 shareholders and 3 directors and the catch here is that the 3 directors should also be shareholders.
Can the form be re-submitted to registrar of companies in terms of mistake?
No a form once submitted cannot be refilled but if mentioned by MCA as there might be any mistakes and marked as For Resubmission.
Can the shares be exchanged easily in public company ?
Yes the shares can be exchanged easily between the members without major issues, they can trade in the shares also public can buy shares from the company’s name in the market.
How are the compliances in public company ?
The compliances are very high in terms of a public limited company as they deal with the stocks and also direct public share market trades under company’s name.
What are the benefits of public company?
Attract funding in terms of venture capitals and Angel investors. Limited liability of shares and protection for shareholders. Open for public to invest into in the name of company stocks. Can make its own property and debts and as such in the name of the Company. The stock exchange would mention the company’s stock in London exchange.
What are the guidelines for selecting the name of a Company?
The actual name and the object of the company can differ and there are no rules that specify that they should be targeted for the same consonance. The partners have the option of using their initials as the name of the company which also could be abbreviated. The company name can be standard and is not required to change with the change in business. No NOC is required if any person name is taken.

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